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The main concern in todays inudstry as well as in personal lives is the security and privacy of data. With the approval of GDPR it has taken a vertical at present. And as per the note of Mr Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, "AI - Artificial Intelligence is the future"

We here at TeamCognito provide the best Cyber Security Solutions with our services and products. If we are to define TeamCognito in short then we would say Dynamic and Team Work.

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Who are we?

TeamCognito is an Information Technology Company with an edge in Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. It consists of a team of talented individuals, set out to make a difference. Starting as a Cyber Security Group, the Company is currently working in a range of fields from AI, BlockChain to IOT, in addition to Training Assistance.

Our Mission

We strive to revolutionise the Technology Industry as we know it and build a brand to reckon with. Our aim is to make technology affordable and available to every section of the society and not just innovate but empower people through our work. Also we strive to work towards the security of data in people's lives by implementing AI to it.

What Separates us?

At TeamCognito we are here to give our clients an experience which is not only effective but also futuristic. With minimal prices and maximum quality, we strive towards nothing short of excellence. Dedication, TeamWork, Professionalism and above all Client Satisfaction are the pillars on which we stand. We belive in passion and hardwork.

We look for the Future

We are a company which works keeping an eye for the unknown. We do not look for quick fixes but rather concentrate one long term solutions to your problems

As more and more machines are being logged in, cyber security has become a thing of paramount importance. Definition of Firewalls are changing. Vigillance and continuous security is the key for the industry.

Artificial Intelligence is not just the solution to our current problems but it is the Future. We work not only towards AI Solutions but also implementation of AI in Cyber Security.

Solid Team

We have a solid team of higly talented individuals who give their best to achieve our goals.


We set a bar of quality above all others and you will get hat you are looking for almost always.


If we take a project, we get it done. You can count on that..

Best Skills

We have a wide range of engineers, programmers and scientists in our team who have extraordinary skills especally in the fields of cyber security, machine learning, data science and other fields of AI. We pride ourselves for our innovation and tenacity and work tirelessly to provide you the best possible solutions.

Cyber Security
Network Engineering
Artificial Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions?

TeamCognito is a startup with an eye for the future. We are constantly evolving ourselves with the changing problems of the world as a whole and Industry in particular and try to provide the best possible solution. If you choose us you can count on us, because we are never satisfied with ourselves.

Why should you choose us?
We do not provide quick fixes, but long term solutions. Our Solutions are effective, futuristic and cheap as hell.
What is our biggest advantage?
What industries do we specialise in?