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Latest Courses

Ethical Hacking Fundamentals

An insight into the world of cyber security with latest tools and technologies. All you need to know is to switch on your systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Take a deep dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI models and take a leap into the future.

Internet of Things

Everything is connected, so learn how to. Get to know the world of IoT with all the tools and equipments.

Web Development

Become a full stack web developer with our comprehensive web developement course and be on demand.

Digital Marketing

Get to know the in and outs of Digital Marketing with comprehensive Google Analytics and learn to get noticed.

Enterprise Java

If you have the knowledge in Core Java, its time to get Enterprise Knowledge.

Python Programming

Get to learn the depths of one of the most popular programming languages in Python.

Core Java

Begin your coding journey into the World of Object Oriented Programming with Core Java.

C Programming

Get Introduced to the World of Coding with C and open up your horizons.

Cloud Computing

The Industry works in Cloud, Don't you want to learn how to?


When it comes to .net you are not going to find a better place to learn.

Cyber Forensics

Become a pro in Cyber Forensics. Join the most in demand course in the country.

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We involve all our students in actual Industry Projects

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